News Programs’ Left/Right Discussions

I found this pro/con discussion of ‘Public Sector vs. Private Sector’ on Judge Napolitano’s program, Freedom Fighters on Fox Business News to be interesting. I noticed that the make of the political representation in this panel discussion is not that of the broadcasts news networks or that of MSNBC or CNN. When they have any kind of panel, it is always one conservative against a liberal or liberals plus liberals and the liberal host/moderator. I even see this on CNN who claims to be down the middle. Well then, CNN’s panel discussion set ups should have equal representations of conservative viewpoints to liberals.

Fox whether the News or business channel, leans right politically, which should come as no surprise. Therefore in this panel discussion, the conservative thinking folks, Fox Business and CEO Charles Payne and economist, Benjamin Powell outnumber the liberal thinker, Democratic strategist, Tara Dowdell. I am on the conservative side and do not agree with Ms. Dowdell’s thinking, but she is formidable in her Democratic liberal argument. I feel Mr. Powell’s final response to Ms. Dowdell is excellent.

There are many, especially in my family, friend, acquaintance circle who do not watch Fox News and Business programing because they see Fox as racist. I hear Fox News being called Faux News often. If they clicked the remote to Fox while Ms. Dowdell is arguing the liberal perspective, they would view her as a gem.


2 thoughts on “News Programs’ Left/Right Discussions

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