Ranting on The Continuing War Against Christmas

We are now into the Christmas holiday season; thus, the Christmas holiday wars continue. As far as it concerns me, personally celebrate the season as you wish, but do not even begin to attempt to eliminate my Christmas celebration. And when I talk about Christmas, I am talking about the Christ centered Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season and no, that is no myth.

I know there are many who want to bring Kwanzaa and especially Winter solstice celebrations to equal importance and respect during this holiday season. I read and hear much castigating of Christmas from the Solstice folks. They are jockeying for the front line position to do away with Christmas.  Their tactics enrage and inspire people like me to celebrate Christmas to the nth degree.

A Winter solstice supporter was on TV this morning. He is a warrior against Christmas. See for yourself here. I am definitely in opposition to him. I guess this Winter solstice thing been around for a while, but I did not hear about it until Bill O’Reilly brought it up a few years ago. Really, the Lord controls the Winter solstice anyway. And Christians did not hijack the season for Christmas. Winter Solstice is not universally celebrated like Christmas, because it does not have the believers that Christmas has.

2 thoughts on “Ranting on The Continuing War Against Christmas

  1. I go “Black” Friday shopping with my brother each year and each year I am more disappointed at how much consumerism has hijacked Christmas. Not sure how we get it back, but I’m up for trying. Good post. I posted about my “Black” Friday experience over at my blog http://www.kingdombard.com.

    Grace and Peace.


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