Discovering Life and Liberty

I tuned at the mid-point of the Mike Gallagher talk radio program on Friday. He was not there that day, but Vicki Middleton who I had never heard of before was his guest host. Her husband, Jim Middleton joined her. They are both of Life and Liberty. The program was excellent. When I tuned in, the discussion was on Islam and Sharia Law concerns, which too many people in this country continue to ignore.  The topic moved on to Martin Luther King and historical inaccuracies shared by David Barton of WallBuilders. that many of us were taught.

The Martin Luther King segment with guest Thomas E. Woods was a somewhat painful to hear, even though it was really no surprise to me about Dr. King being into socialism and redistribution of wealth. I guess it was hearing it broadcast in the open that made it painful. I pretty much see Dr. King from my growing up days (He was shot down when I was in high school). I viewed Dr. King as the strongest non violent fighter for equal rights for those who lived under legal discrimination.

As I typed this post, I listened to the Life and Liberty radio broadcast online at The program’s roots are in the Lord. I will be listening to this Saturday program from time to time at around 4:00 pm. eastern. The program is from Texas where it advertises at its central air time of 3:00 pm.  I also found Life and Liberty on Facebook and hit the ‘like’ button.  Here is some video of one of the radio broadcast.