Two Results of Not Voting.

There is an election that resulted in a historic outcome and a finalist outcome that both stemmed from not voting. The Lisa Murkowski write-in was a result of people not voting in the primary. How else can her uncertified write-in victory be explained? She lost the primary to Republican primary challenger Joe Miller. Whether or not her name is spelled correctly, she received more write-in votes in this recent general election than Mr. Miller.  Joe Miller’s primary victory was a terrific jolt to those who took a Murkowski win for granted and bothered not to vote in the primary. I hope Alaskans learned a valuable lesson about taking primary voting seriously.

The second voting situation is on a different level and that is Bristol Palin and her dance partner being voted into the final competition on Dancing with the Stars. I admit I have only caught a glimpse of this show when walking by another TV in my home being watched by other family members. One family member loves this show and loudly reacted to Brandy losing out to Bristol. From what I have read and heard the judges panel continually gave higher scores to Brandy and her dance partner. While Bristol and her’s, sometimes did not get the high scores. As with American Idol, the bottom line is that viewer voting determines the winner not the judges.

I heard ridiculous accusations on Al Sharpton’s talk radio program that the TEA Party hijacked the voting and stole Brandi’s chance of competing in the finals. Racism!  Why not? You know Mr. Sharpton and those who think like him about TEA Party see big racism. I don’t think the Sharpton callers voted in the competition. There  is nothing wrong about people who belong to a TEA Party voting  for Bristol. After all, there is no law or rule saying that if you belong to a TEA Party, you cannot vote in the Dancing with the Stars competition. That racist hijack accusation is totally stupid. If you thought Brandy and her partner were the better dancers and did not vote, than you are the reason she lost, not the TEA Party. And BTW, Al Sharpton feels the furor over Bristol Palin is frivolous. He wants to know where were these angry folks on Nov 2nd! Read another view on this situation here.

My family member did not vote, but she did not brand the Bristol Palin victory as racism and TEA Party hijacking. She said people who preferred Brandi did not vote. She also feels the voting public does not have the best judgement in picking winning dance couples. She is still angry about Donny Osmond’s win over Mya a couple of seasons ago. She thinks the Dancing with the Stars competition should be decided solely by the judges’ panel, because the voters never pick the best dancers.