Cher’s Dilemma

Oh Cher! Dealing with her daughter turned son is a extremely perplexing dilemma for her. She continues to love Chastity who now is known as Chaz Bono, is putting her best foot forward in dealing with the sexual reassignment. I admit, this would be hard for me in dealing with a family member that did the same thing. The reports are that she interchanges pronouns when talking about Chaz.

When Chaz was still Chastity and let it be known that she was a lesbian, Chaz said that his late father Sonny Bono was personally accepting of his being gay while his conservative politics went against it.  Cher initially had problems with having a gay daughter and self flagellated about it.  I don’t blame her. Hey, I would have problems too in that situation, but I am sure at the bottom line, my love would continue.

Here are a few photos in the life of Chastity to Chaz Bono