Thankful for Free Speech: The Good and the Bad

I do not like the personal attacks I see coming from all sides in the political realm. Being on the conservative side, puts me against Pres. Obama politically, but not personally. I tend to view far more personal attacks on him and the First Lady from blogs, Internet columns, and on social networks such as Facebook than I see arguments against his policies. The same goes for politicians in general whether they be Republican or Democrat.

Nancy Pelosi vocalized viewpoints  such as “Abstinence is Harmful” and promoted legislation that me and many others were definitely not in agreement. But to call her pejorative female names, goes beyond the decency that was part of my upbringing and makes me who I am today. I can’t say that I am unhappy that she and the House Democrats got their walking papers. They were pushing the country through legislation that ignored lessening the growing deficit.

As much as I abhor the insulting juvenile verbal behavior of adults, I know it is part of our free speech rights, which I treasure.  Because of where I have come to stand politically, I get some personal attacks, but they do nothing to silence my free speech.  I am thankful to be able to say what I want to say on this blog. I can express that Pres. Obama and his administration are wrong in relation to any subject or legislation he is pushing through Congress without what happened to this blogger, happening to me, even if I chose to be personally insulting.