Discovering the Conservative Messenger

I just learned of the Conservative Messenger, K. Carl Smith last weekend  on the Sunday evening rerun of Huckabee. He is a former Democrat like me and Christian spiritual conviction resulted in him going conservative Republican like me. He advocates to those on the right calling themselves Frederick Douglass Republicans in efforts to dispel the entrenched wrongly negative notion of conservative Republicans generally being racists and wealthy elitists and black conservatives as being sellouts and Uncle Toms (Thomasinas).

Go here to hear more from the Conservative Messenger.

I have stated before that I react to being called a sellout by stating that I am a sellout. I sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is preeminent, not my race. I live my life through Him, not my race. With that still in the forefront of my mind, I am considering the Frederick Douglas ID moniker. Maybe I will be both. I do not have a problem with being a black conservative, but the Frederick Douglass Republican brand name seems to make for a nice defuser in the efforts to open eyes to the reality of the Democratic Party.



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