Thanking Our Veterans 2010

Note: The following is a repost from my former blog with partial revisions

From So Many, Here are a Few Who Have Paid a Heavy Price in the Service of Our Country

A veteran amputee – name unknown

Paralyzed veteran Capt. Nathaniel Durant

Veteran amputee Dawn Halfaker

Burned veteran Cpl. Aaron Mankin

I must first give honor to the veterans who have served in the armed forces of this great country. Thank you for your sacrifice. My father and uncles (his brothers) were WWII veterans. They all returned home back in 1945 in the best physical and mental shape. I have a retired uncle who served some 25 years (give or take a few) in the Air Force. He is a man of great accomplishments.

Many veterans left the armed forces with varying levels of incapacitated physical and mental capabilities due to protecting the United States. Some never got to leave the armed forces and return home. God bless all who have served to protect this country on this Veterans Day. Again thank you so much.


My Father – An Army Vet of WWII


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