Thoughts on Keith Olbermann

The indefinite suspension turns out to be just a long weekend for MSNBC’s liberal lefty, Keith Olbermann. Upon hearing the suspension announcement last week, I gathered that termination would be the result of the indefinite suspension without pay. There is a MSNBC rule that commentators on cannot give money to political candidates without approval from management. Mr. Olbermann’s troubles stemmed from not getting approval for his political contributions to 3 Democratic candidates, including Jim Conway who lost to Senator-Elect Rand Paul of Kentucky. This boiled down to making the management look foolish.

Now, management looks even more foolish, because its been forced to re-instate Keith Olbermann due to viewer protests.  Mr. Olbermann’s boss, President Phil Griffin made the following statement:

After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night’s program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy. We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night.

There is also a question about whether the MSNBC rule is really a NBC rule, which does not have jurisdiction at MSNBC. The argument that people like Sean Hannity over at Fox News gives to Republican candidates, really is not a strong argument, because Fox News’ rules on giving to political candidates are not the same. Prime time MSNBC hardly has the stellar ratings of its competition, Fox News. Glenn Beck’s program, which has the 5:00 P. M. graveyard time slot and gets better ratings than most of MSNBC’s prime time programming. Without Mr. Olbermann’s Countdown, that cable channel ‘s basement ratings could see a deep drop below the basement.  Go here to see the ratings for this past Monday.

Even though I am in political and cultural opposition to Keith Olbermann, I do catch portions of his program at one of its rerun times. I do not take him seriously. I considered his program entertainment. If you are wondering why I bother to watch, I want to keep up with how the other side views the daily political and cultural news events. His loyal but small liberal following takes him seriously, but he gives me great laughs. Countdown is definitely his program. When I see some other person doing Countdown, I do not bother with the program at all.

Sadly, Keith Olbermann did away with a  Countdown segment.  As a result, I will probably be viewing it less.  He did away with “Worst Person In the World.” That segment was major in drawing me to watch the last 20 minutes of his program. Oh how I laughed at that pure entertainment with his visual antics!


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