Should Lie Low For a While!

The 2010 elections propelled many disgruntled conservatives of 2008 to vote this time around. I guess they realized what they had wrought by staying home 2 years ago. This time around, there is a report that only 4.7 of blacks voted, which has resulted in much angst. In listening to local urban talk radio and the syndicated Al Sharpton’s talk radio program, the callers’ shared acrimony practically burst through the radio and slap me in the face. Hey, if you did not vote, then you are reaping what you sowed.

I have listened to the early morning local urban Philly talk show, but have not been able to take part in the talk show host’s chat room for a while. I peaked in yesterday and it was bad. There were some new folks in there, but so were some from the old guard who know my conservative political views. In times past, the chatters had come to disagree with me without being insulting. Sometimes the topic changed to something non-political so things could remain civil. There was such fury yesterday in that chat room, that even the chatterers who were respectful to me would not have been so if I had joined in.

Of course, I caught it on a Facebook (FB) page of a liberal friend. The friend is always respectful and even intervened in the verbal skirmish that erupted between me and another one of her FB friends when I responded to his comment dealing with the House takeover by the Republicans. He is  black and  from his responses to me, he can’t stand black Republicans. I gathered the guy was really upset about what went down on Tuesday. He was not civil in his comments between us and got angrier with each of my civil responses. Perhaps he did not vote and in some way I may have brought that home to him. I guess I should lie low for a while from commenting in liberal forums. Well, I will be cautious, but I will not completely refrain from contributing my 2 cents in liberal forums.