Everybody Vote!

On this day before the BIG VOTING DAY, I urge every citizen of this country to vote. Now for some, if you are not registered as in my state, Pennsylvania, you blew it and will not be able to vote. But for others, who live in such states as New Hampshire and Wisconsin, you can actually register and vote on the same day! Please do not pass up on your duty to vote. I vote. I do not miss an election, whether it is major, off-year, midterm, primary or a special election. I am very serious about my voting responsibility.

In 2008, conservative Republicans who stayed home (or voted for a third-party candidate that had no chance of winning). Now a lot of them are going off the deep end over what Pres. Obama and the Democratic majority Congress are doing to the our nation. In this important mid-term election, the conservative Republicans are the energized voters. Liberal black Democrats are the ones expressing the possibility of staying home. Of course, popular black personalities and black local media types are going to the nth degree in getting disgruntled blacks to vote. The radio commercials are going far beyond the legal limit in painting the Republican Party and the TEA Party as old-time southern Democrats and the KKK.

Whatever dissatisfaction I may have with any candidate or incumbents, it is not strong enough to keep me from voting. The events of the 50s and 60s’ Civil Rights Movement that led to the abolishment of laws that kept many blacks from voting propel my voting. Every legal citizen minus being incarcerated should be voting. If you have not voted already, this is my non-partisan appeal for you to go vote. Yes, vote! Democrat or Republican please vote!