Look Who Get’s Priority in Voting!

I am for restoring voting rights to most convicted felons after they have served their time and are positively contributing to society in some way. I think of Charles Colson convicted of crimes connected to Watergate back in the 70s and who now presides over a successful prison ministry and is a syndicated columnist as an example. I am against voting rights for all felons while serving prison sentences. The fact that those serving time in Cook County, Illinois prisons received hand delivered voting ballots, while it looks like some of our men and women serving in the armed forces overseas may not receive voting ballots in time for the November 2nd election is unconscionable.


A Few of My End of the Election Season Ramblings

Next week at this time, some of us will be reveling while others will be pretty upset at who won and lost in the Nov 2nd elections. The polls are all over the place now as they were at this time in 2008. That is why I have not  posted any polling links on Facebook and Twitter or blogged  about candidate polling results. In these final days before we go to pull the levers for our desired candidates, the election climate is extremely ugly. My elderly mother can’t stand it and is refusing to watch anything political.  The candidates, political groups and parties, especially on the Democrat side are pulling all the stops. There are many reports of voter fraud in connection to early voting.

I am hearing some political promos that are more disturbing than the usual negative political advertising that one hears in the final days of campaigns. There is one that I have only heard on the radio on urban music, talk and gospel music stations. It tells blacks to get out and vote, because of what opposers are doing to the first black President and that it is known exactly what is really said when one hears, “Take our country back.” It continues with, “No! we are not letting you take it back.” Pres. Obama has told blacks that Republicans want them to stay home.  On the Republican ‘Hate Obama’ side, there are all kinds of personal attacks and racial stereotyping (so-called) jokes going around which I abhor.  All of this goes too far into polarization.

I am all for promoting the responsibility of voting, but not the low road in getting lax and disgruntled people to vote. I do not like this “blacks are a monolith” Democratic Party approach in going after votes. While some of us never were, many of us are no longer a part of black group think. I am voting, but those who in the various urban “Get the Vote Out campaign,” will not like who I will be pulling the levers for in the voting booth.