Juan Williams and NPR

Controversy just keeps building and building over the firing of Juan Williams by Nation Public Radio (NPR). Mr. Williams is out at NPR due to his expressing his fears of being on the same plane with Muslims in his frequent travels. I can understand that. I heard a few stories of people quietly playing flight marshal. If you are in the camp that sees analogies with Timothy McVeigh types and/or black stereotypes to Mr. Williams’ travel fears, those types did not pilot planes into World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon and continue plot to attempt to carry out the blowing up of planes.

There are folks on both sides of the political spectrum who are happy with Juan Williams’ termination. Some are glad of his firing for making stereotypical statements while being a journalist. Others are glad, because he is getting it from fellow liberals. There are many more on both sides of the political spectrum that say NPR was wrong to fire him. Liberal, left type, Whoopi Goldberg expressed objection to his firing.

NPR’s CEO, Vivian Schiller made some unprofessional and disparaging remarks against Mr. Williams at a news conference. She has since apologized but not directly to Mr. Williams. NPR’s is flooding with emails and their website has crashed due to protests of Juan Williams’ firing. She talks about journalistic standards. How about Nina Totenburg sharing her opinion on other programs! Her personal opinions goes along with NPR’s liberal, progressive outlook; therefore, she is still at NPR.

Juan Williams is an old-time liberal and not as progressive as many of today’s liberal thinkers. I know people who think he is a Republican. He makes comments that do not jive with NPR’s liberal, progressive outlook on Fox News and gets the boot. If you are feeling good about the termination, allow to me to disturb that feeling somewhat. There are reports that Fox News has offered him a $2 million contract. Hey, not a bad aftermath to being fired!