Because of my stand against Islam’s efforts to become the prevailing force in this world, I received a hater and a bigot label from a commenter on my former blog. There is a twitter feed that shares links of people the tweeter deems hateful. I am on that feed. Of course my views on Islam are not the only reason for the hater label. My views on illegal immigration and my conservative views in general make me a hater to those of differing social/political groups. Well I cannot please everybody!

I continue to stand firm in my opposition to the site of the proposed mosque that is a couple of blocks from Ground Zero, because of the triumphalism spirit that is behind it. Triumphalism relates to Islamic mosques being built over or as close as possible to an Islamic victory. Remember, the proposed mosque now known as the Park51 project was initially called Cordoba (some say Cordova). You can read about the significance of Cordoba (Cordova) here (scroll down to ‘What is in the Name’). I have no qualms with the mosque that is already in the Ground Zero vicinity, because that mosque has been there and was not established in the triumphalism spirit.

Another Islamic aspect that I stand firm against is Sharia Law. Some folks who support Islam under our basic American right to worship, play down Sharia Law creeping into this country. There is much ignoring of the treatment of women under Sharia Law. I cannot ignore it. Just recently, the United Arab Emirates courts ruled that it is okay for a husband to beat his wife as long as he does not bruise her. Sharia Court rulings go even farther against women.

I can’t get over that Sharia courts have ordered women to receive lashes after being raped and ordered husbands to cut off body parts of their wives for various infractions. See what I am talking about here and here. In a rape accusation, a woman must present 4 witnesses. You have to admit that is crazy. Women only get to inherit a small part of family money and possessions. The men pretty much get it all. In the United Kingdom, as of 2009 there are over 85 Sharia Courts.

Of course there are efforts to make Sharia Courts operative in the United States. Imam Rauf of the proposed mosque close to Ground Zero is a part of that effort. Liberal left folks are helping Sharia to creep into the American fabric by playing it down. For an example, listen to this exchange on Sharia between the liberal Alan Colmes and the conservative Newt Gingrich. You may not agree with me, but I think Mr. Gingrich makes perfect sense. Well, I guest this post helps to secure my ‘hater’ and ‘bigot’ label.