Reactions: Strange, Affirming, Problematic

This is strange! A book being thrown at Pres. Obama in Obama loving Philly! Whoever did it, had to be a non Philadelphian. The appearance of the President and Vice President Joe Biden was big excitement for the city and surrounding suburbs. This Democrat rally was emceed by Philly area congressional Rep. Bob Brady. Senator Bob Casey, Dan Onorato, Democratic candidate for Senator, Joe Sestak also spoke at the rally. If you are wondering, I watched most of the rally on C-SPAN.

I don’t have any problem with the Pres. going about igniting his base. I have no argument with him telling young people to vote and not stay home. I am totally non-partisan and affirming when it comes to exercising one’s right to vote regardless of political party affiliation.  Every U.  S. citizen age 18 or older and not incarcerated should be registered  and voting in all major November elections, midterm, off-year, and primary elections.

Now I do find Pres. Obama saying that the Republicans hope the blacks stay home to be problematic. Mr. President, this black woman will be voting on Tuesday, November 2nd and my vote will not be going to Democrats. So please Mr. President, stop that stereotypical thinking of black people as a monolith.