TV Watching: Thoughts on the Cable News Networks

The new TV season has begun. I admit I am an avid TV watcher as oppose to the smug ‘I don’t watch much television’ or ‘I don’t even have a TV in my house’ crowd.  In recent years I have only latched on to one or two prime time TV shows a season. Currently it is the new show,  The Event and oldie, Law and Order SVU. I am primarily a cable news viewer with a little C-SPAN on the side. That started when I first got cable in the mid 80s.  Back then, CNN was the only all news cable channel. I loved watching the program, Crossfire with its shoot outs between the liberals and the conservatives.

Currently,  out of the 3 major cable news  networks, I view CNN the least. I use to watch the old Lou Dobbs program. I do catch Don Lemon sometimes on the weekend and Larry King when he has interesting guests. I loved the recent program with Ann Coulter and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. I also caught the last half hour of the terminated Rick Sanchez program from time to time. CNN claims not to report or do analysis from a political view-point. Well, tell that to many of my conservative Facebook friends!  CNN is often referred to as the communist news network. From what I saw of Rick Sanchez, and Don Lemon,  pro liberal spin does do its thing at that network.  Really, CNN is on the liberal side.  CNN’s approach to news is claims is not working. The ever decreasing viewership is proof.

I am a Foxer. The Fox Cable News Network is the premiere channel for me. I was initially pulled in by the O’Reilly Factor while still a liberal. Of course the network steers to the right. but rest of TV news media steers to the left. In my little circle of the world, the network is deemed racist, but I do not agree with that.  I find it so interesting that Fox continues to have more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined. I think it is because, the people on the right are more news events oriented. That also goes for reading. Have you ever noticed that books written by conservatives continue to make it to the top of the best sellers lists such as the New York Times? Liberal progressives get a few in at the top of the book lists, but not like the conservatives. The liberals prefer TV entertainment or no TV at all to news programming, even extreme left progressive news.

Now to keep up with the leftist progressive view on current events, I do watch some MSNBC, mostly prime time programs during their rerun times. I am sure my viewership is appreciated since their ratings are so low.  I crack up at Keith Olbermann. I cannot take him seriously.  He is always trying to denigrate the folks at Fox News. I remember him happily reporting that the Glen Beck program had lost a third of its viewers. What he did not say was that even with the loss, Glenn Beck at 5:00 PM (graveyard time for TV viewing)  still had twice as many viewers than his own 8:00 PM prime time program.

Fox is the entrenched cable news King. There is no getting around it.   The bottom line, the CNN and MSNBC cable news networks have to get TV viewing liberal progressives  away from shows like Dancing with the Stars, Modern Family, and Hawaii Five-O  to watch their news like Fox gets those on the right to watch their news. To see some recent TV stats including cable news go here.


2 thoughts on “TV Watching: Thoughts on the Cable News Networks

  1. Hi, Bev! I enjoyed your post. I hadn’t heard of CCN being referred to as the “Communist News Network.” LOL. Not only do conservative books sell much better than liberal books, I’ve heard Ann Coulter say that the Democratic party will buy truckloads of books by one of their own, and give them away, almost as party favors, at fund raisers. In this way they make they artificially raise the sales figures for such books, so it’s not entirely humiliating.

    I was just watching a very interesting exchange between Huckabee and Coulter on Fox this evening. During his presidential campaign, she referred to him as a “Christian liberal”, and he naturally didn’t appreciate the liberal branding, so he was asking her to explain what she meant. Apparently she felt, and still feels, that he is soft on illegal immigration.

  2. Thank you Deb. The last liberal left books that I read where books by Donna Brazile (who btw Ann Coulter truly respects, Michael Moore and Sen. Al Franken. Franken’s book was a big hit. That was around 2002-03. The books I concentrated on between that time and when I went conservative were not political. They dealt with 9/11 and dealing with different aspects of Christianity.

    I caught Huckabee and Coulter on a Sunday rerun. I know that she has never considered Huckabee a true conservative. I like him. He was my first choice for President in 2008.

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