The Job Creation Question in a Senatorial Debate Up in Connecticut

I have not been following the Connecticut Senate race between Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Dick Blumenthal who took a non direct approach on his lying about his military service in Vietnam by saying he misspoke . A recent debate between them  is making headlines and is a  popular discussion topic on conservative radio talk programs. Listen to the  career politician Mr. Blumenthal response to the jobs creation question in the video.  Tell  me, did he really know what he was talking about as oppose to Ms. McMahon on job creation? What did he mean by being creative? Such a vague term!


In looking at what Linda McMahon and Dick Blumenthal said about jobs and the economy on their websites , it is rather clear to me that Mr. Blumenthal did not have any personal input on his website. His answer in the debate hardly sounds like what he says about job creation. It is just the opposite for Ms. McMahon. Whether or not you approve of the products of her entrepreneurship, she has the applied knowledge for job creation.  There is much agreement on Linda McMahon winning the entire debate. Go here for one assessment.