Random Thoughts on Past and Present Election Climates

It is less than one month before the November elections. Things are getting fever pitched and extremely nasty as the Democratic and Republican candidates battle each other in these last few weeks for victory.  The political climate was rather awful around this time in 2008. I had to be careful about telling people about my Republican choices.

The 2010 elections are a referendum on the Obama administration and not just Democratic elected officials but possibly incumbents of both political parties. Locally and nationally, people like Al Sharpton are motivating young voters not to stay home on election day in November, because there is indication that some have become disheartened and see the Obama administration as “same old same old.”

Different pollsters are coming out of the woodwork. If the results are anything like they were in the final weeks of the 2008 presidential election, they are going to be all over the place. As I remember, Zogby and Harris pollsters got it wrong along with lesser known pollsters. Some could not even call the presidential race and had Sen. John McCain and the Pres. at a dead heat, while others had given the election to Sen. McCain. Rasmussen pollsters were the most accurate. They called it for Barack Obama.

The last midterm election was in 2006, the year I went conservative and the rest of the country returned to the Democratic Party. I voted Republican except for one state level candidate. Everyone including the state Democrat lost. In 2008, I voted for John McCain, although initially, my heart was with Mike Huckabee. I voted straight Republican and saw some Republican victories at the state level.

I am very much in Pat Toomey’s corner for Arlen’s Specter’s Senate seat and Tom Corbett for Governor. My congresswoman is Allyson Schwartz. I stop voting for her in 2006. Her district includes my borough of Lansdale along with portions of Philly. Because of Democratic Philly, she will most likely be elected again.

I am not much into what is happening in other states, except for an Allen West Congressional victory in Florida. I have routed for Meg Whitman, but now, her  becoming California’s next Governor looks like a lost cause. I think Christine O’Donnell’s Senate candidacy in Delaware is also a lost cause. But coming from this novice, I could be wrong.  In any case, come Tuesday, November 2, I will be casting my votes. I hope you will be casting your votes too!

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