NAACP Rally with Communists Groups

Continuing from my late night Saturday post, why did the NAACP get in bed with communists organizations for the One Nation rally? I still cannot get over this once noble organization falling  so low that they have partnered with communists, socialists, Marxists groups. Here are a few of  those organizations that were behind the rally. Go here to see more.

  • Chicago Democratic Socialists of America
  • Communist Party USA (CPUSA)
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • International Socialist Organization
  • Code Pink
  • Green for All

It is painful for me to see the NAACP in its current state. It has lost much of its relevance. When Bruce Gordon was president of the organization for 19 months ending in April 2007, he tried to broaden the focus to business development and social programs that included the stoppage of drugs in urban neighborhoods, but came up against the brick wall of the organization’s old guard. He should have been allowed to go through with the new focus.

There was a time when I got quite angry at the NAACP being labeled a leftist group, because many of the labelers were not aware of the civil rights organization’s rich history of fighting racism especially in the once racially segregated south. But now, I do see that the current NAACP is a super leftist group after what came about last Saturday.

This Code Pink Photo should enrage most people.

Just think, they were one of the sponsors of the One Nation Rally!


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