Arguing Panelists

Panelists, Bob Beckel and Pamela Geller go at it Eric Bolling’s Fox Business News program. Off course, I side with Ms. Geller.  Mr. Beckel’s response to her factual statements is outrageous. He results to  personal attacks. That is what you do when you can’t refute with facts.  Mr.  Beckel told another panelist, David Webb that we should not forget  the 9/11 date,  but [at the same time] we should get over it. I guess next year he will go into hiding or maybe leave the country on the 10th anniversary of that horrific day. Well, you can see the tempers fly in the video.

..Note: Youtube removed the original video posted on this page; therefore, as of 10/6/2010 this another video covering the same argument.


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