A Few Responses to A Pledge to America

Rep. Paul Ryan does a good job  up against George Stephanopoulos’s grilling of  A Pledge to America.



When I politically went conservative, it was the social side of conservatism that brought me over. The big attitude shift on fiscal issues took place later. There has been some criticism of the social agenda not being addressed in the ‘Pledge’. Libertarian/conservative Neal Boortz , says that he does not think the ‘Pledge’ will not work out. Republicans should ignore the social issues such as family values and gay marriage and keep the focused blame on the Democrats. I agree with Mr. Boortz sometimes, although I have not fully warmed up to him since my conservative conversion.

I definitely do not agree with Mr. Boortz on Republicans ignoring social issues and Republicans shifting the blame back to the Democrats by not bringing attention to themselves. The ‘Pledge’  is a good start, despite the omission of social issues. The Republicans are coming forth with ideas, regardless of how the Democrats try to spin to the contrary. If you do not like ‘A Pledge to America’, you are probably pro-government spending (money from taxpaying citizens) and pro-government being in charge of just about everything kind of person.

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