A Couple of Observations on My Growing Conservatism

As I have stated before, I am at the preschool age in my years as a conservative. I was a liberal Democrat for over 30 years. My growth as a Democrat had me moving to the center and before I finally got off the Democrat plantation, you could say that I was a conservative Democrat on social issues. I admit when it came to fiscal and entitlement issues, I was a liberal leftist. There are many in the Democratic Party today who identify as fiscally liberal and/or downright leftist, but are quite conservative on social issues.

As a conservative preschooler, I am beginning to feel the angst some conservatives have with moderate Republicans. During my Democrat years, I liked all moderate Republicans. I always voted for then Republican Senator, Arlen Specter. Now if the Senator had remained Republican while running in this past Pennsylvania Primary against Pat Toomey, he would not have received my vote. I find myself going with those on the right as oppose to those in the middle. I am beginning not to like MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough so much. That RINO (Republican in Name Only) personification about him is growing on me.

I live in a household that is otherwise Democratic. As far as RINO goes in relation to Joe Scarborough, here is something interesting. One family member who likes him was surprised when I told her, he is a Republican and was a Republican Congressman during the Gringrich Revolution. Judging by his comments and opinions, she had no clue.


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