Bathwater RINO In Delaware and Christine O’Donnell

Some RINO (those deemed Republican in name only) Republican establishment officials are being thrown out with the bathwater. The latest to get thrown out is Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware in his attempt to take Vice Pres. Biden’s senate seat. This moderate Republican has a long career in politics and had never lost an election until last week when he lost to the TEA Party backed Republican challenger Christine O’Donnell. It is a stunner and Mike Castle is not taking it well. He has yet to call Ms. O’Donnell and will not support her.

Republican pundits, Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer are not wild about Christine O’Donnell and are being criticized for their unflattering remarks against her. Mr. Rove is receiving RINO branding from Facebook comments on many of my FB friends’ pages. I say the following as a novice, a preschooler in age as a conservative. I think Mr. Rove and Mr. Krauthhammer are not completely off the mark on Christine O’Donnell. Now I do like her and if she were running for office in PA as the Republican candidate, she would most likely get my vote. But Ms. O’Donnell is running for office in Liberal Delaware. Hardcore conservatives do not do well in liberal voting states, but they do elect moderate Republicans .

Christine O’Donnell does have dubious background of struggles that many folks do not find damaging, including the witchcraft thing. In fact they relate to her, because they have or are going through similar struggles. She won the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in a closed primary state. Only registered Republicans could vote for her or Rep. Castle. If she wins in November, that will be such a referendum on the Democrats and Pres. Obama! In order for her to win, she has to gain votes from Democrats and Independents in that very liberal state. Ms. O’Donnell is 11 points behind her Democratic opponent, Chris Coons despite the fact that she has raised millions since her victory last week. But the millions of dollars are coming from across the country, not from the people of Delaware who will be doing the voting in November.


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