Thoughts on a Possible 2010 Republican Congress

Reports continue to project a Republican takeover for both houses of Congress and Governorships around the country. As I listen to conservative political pundits on the radio and on cable and broadcast news programs, they have become increasingly excited to the point of euphoria. I am a believer that this country goes in cycles with having one of the two major political parties in charge. Really, the voting public has gone fickle! It is now a case of how long a cycle the political party will have.

All this hoopla is exciting for me, because I went conservative in 2006, when the country shifted Democrat. But the conservatism in me has me not jumping on the “Republicans will take over Congress in 2010” bandwagon. It will be delightful to be wrong, but I think the Republicans are counting their chickens before they hatch. When I read and hear Dick Morris say jubilantly that Republicans will take back control of the Senate, that kind of tells me it is not going to happen. He has not made too many correct calls since he steered former Pres. Bill Clinton off the far liberal plank to the middle of the road which resulted in his presidential re-election during the Gingrich Revolution.

I do believe that there will be an increase for Republicans in both houses of Congress, but not quite enough for a takeover. Again, I will be happy to be wrong. My conservative mind believes that there will be enough Republicans elected to increase the level of difficulty in getting any Obama government control type bills passed.


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