Those Young Guns

I am loving Conservatives, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor, the Young Guns of the Republican Party. During the ‘Young Guns’ interview on the Today Show host, Meredith Vieira question what was good about the tax cuts with the job situation being so poor. Rep. Ryan responded with the fact that small business spurs the most employment in this country. The undeniable truth is that taxing them further keeps them from developing and increasing their businesses.  There are no jobs without development and business expansion.

I use to share the popular liberal opinion that wealthy folks should pay taxes through the nose. I am now a firm believer in that squeezing the wealthy would hurt business investment  and charitable contributions. We must invigorate investments, because we need jobs. I heard a non-profit business woman this morning on TV say that the contributions to her non-profit to aid the physically handicapped in the continent of Africa from the wealthy would greatly decrease, because that money would go to increased taxation. One can also make the claim that charities that aid those in need right here in the united states would be adversely affected. We are truly heading in the wrong direction with tax increases.


5 thoughts on “Those Young Guns

  1. Rep Ryan is the nations best hope, real hope to get back to our founding principles. Hopefully the GOP will not purposley nominate another feeble (though admired) old man in order to lose- ala John McCain in 2008. If the GOP sweep the House and the Senate, 2012 will produce a REAL Change-

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