My Tarnished View Of Lyndon Baines Johnson

I was 12 years old when Lyndon Baines Johnson became President upon the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  During Johnson’s time as President, the country saw the establishment of the Voting Rights Act,  the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the War on Poverty. From a young person to just a few years ago, I credited the late President Johnson and his administration with going against his fellow Southern Democrat/Dixiecrat folks for terminating law supported racial segregation and making sure blacks all over the country had full voting rights. I wondered what got in to him to do the right thing!

Well the reality is that President Johnson’s beliefs in civil and voting rights’  and his war on poverty where not from his heart’s loving chambers. It was not the case – we did these people wrong and must correct the situation. It was more – let’s get them their rights so that they will be beholden to the Democratic Party with their votes.  It was a means to an end strategy.

According to the book, Inside the White House by Ron Kessler, Lyndon Baines Johnson speaking to two Governors said,  “I’ ll have those n#**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” You can find that quote here among several Democratic racist quotes through the years.  It is also noted that Johnson called Martin Luther King, “That N#**er preacher.” His use of the N word was everyday speech as heard here. When the great defenders of the belief that the Democrat Party is the political party for self-respecting blacks issue comes up, bringing up these little tidbits of history will get them so angry that I know to be ready for the name calling and other aspects of an emotional blow up.

2 thoughts on “My Tarnished View Of Lyndon Baines Johnson

  1. So they would be beholding to the democratic party? Bull ####. That’s like saying a person helps someone else in trouble so that person owes them something. Maybe it happens, but the result is the same in the end.

  2. Steve I edited a tiny part of your comment. Your comments are welcomed whether they be pro or con minus the profanity.

    I was not generalizing. My “beholden” statement was specific to Lyndon Baines Johnson who helped blacks get full rights as U. S. citizens. No other president before him had the true desire and gumption to what he did for black citizens regardless of his real intentions, which was to keep blacks voting for Democrats (after all, he didn’t really think much of blacks as a people).

    Many blacks do feel they should vote the Democratic Party because of the rights they first gained during the Democratic Johnson administration. That is what Johnson wanted. It worked! Didn’t it? Your analogy holds true to Lyndon Baines Johnson, but not all every human being.

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