Emotionally Charged

I do a lot of listening to talk radio. I tend to listen 70-75% conservative talk and 30-35% to liberal/progressive talk. Most of the talk that I listen to on the liberal side is usually from urban talk radio. When I was listening to a portion of Rev Al. Sharpton’s program the other day, one caller accused the Republicans of not supporting Pres. Obama on anything, fighting against him all the way. I hear this accusation frequently, including within my own household. Another caller accused the Republicans of always messing up the economy and not giving credit to Democrats on a strong economy, citing Bill Clinton leaving his presidency with a surplus as proof.

Folks get so emotional with their first black president, that they forget how glad they were when Democrats fought Republican presidents. I see many taking the battle against Pres. Obama personally. The fight against Obama policies, and bills passed into laws have nothing to do with the Pres. being the first black president. The battle is against where the Obama policies are leading the nation, such as more debt and more government control.

In all honesty, some of these Obama folks don’t care about the national debt and do not have a problem with more government taking care of our needs (as oppose to taking care of our own needs) and controlling us. But regardless, they should get past the emotions to see what is being done against the economy for generations to come, the social direction and international relations.

The other caller’s touting former Pres. Bill Clinton’s surplus, like many folks, did not take into account that the former Pres. dealt with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress for all but 2 years of his 2 termed presidency. They forget or just do not know that with our checks and balances the President cannot spend without Congressional approval.

Well if (and I do say if) Congress has a Republican majority in either or both houses while Barack Obama remains President, these people will get a better understanding. But then again, they didn’t get it when Bill Clinton was the President with a Republican majority Congress. Get a nice primer on this issue here.


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