Blacks Should be Muslim!

How often have I heard that Christianity is the white man’s religion coming from folks within the black community? I have been around black co-workers and subordinates that have converted to Islam, officially deemed themselves agnostics or atheists, because they see Christianity as the white man’s religion. Currently, there is a kind of new wrangle as seen in a verbal confrontation this past Saturday.

Is there a growing number of non black people who think blacks are suppose to be Muslim? I guess the growing belief that Pres. Obama is a Muslim is feeding this thinking. I was even accused once last year of being a closet Muslim just because I am black.

The Muslim thing comes at the end of the video. In most of the video, a group of black conservatives school some liberal media types on famous black Republicans and a little history of the KKK’s relationship with the Democratic Party. Democrat loving blacks do not like being told of KKK/Democrat history. I must warn you that there is some rough language, but nothing in the “F” category.

3 thoughts on “Blacks Should be Muslim!

  1. It makes a certain sad sense really. In America Islam and the Black Power movement got tangled up by Malcome X and the Nation of Islam. Add to that the fact the many Blacks convert to Islam in prison whereas Whites don’t, and you can get this perception.

    The same would have happened with Christianity due to the corruption of the faith by Black Liberation Theology but there was a large enough normative Christian following in America to offset that.

  2. I’m not really sure that Islam did take that much of a hold on Blacks, corba7. Much like Black Liberation Theology has only a superficial resemblance to Christianity, the Nation of Islam (largest Black Muslim sect in US)founded by Wallace Muhammad and resurrected by Louis Farrakhan bears only a superficial resemblance to Islam.

    In both cases the movement are little more than racist organization – Black Power – draped in the trappings of religion.

    Aside from NOI members most Black Muslims in the US are immigrants from Africa or the children of such immigrants.

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