The Blacks Voting Race Misconception

I have come across a tremendous amount of comments about blacks being racist on Facebook, blogs and columns, because they vote based on race. Some who have made that claim are old enough to remember when they laughed at the idea of a black becoming president, but I will not get into that right now. The blacks voting black racism charge is false despite the fact that blacks voted 95 or 96 per cent for Barack Obama. Before I get into the misconception, I want to say, the first black in anything continues to be huge for people of color. I personally did not let that sway me when I voted in November 2008.

There is a very important missing aspect that makes the claim that blacks vote race a falsehood and that is the Democrat Party. It is not black + black. It is black + Democrat. If it where black + black, then blacks would come out of the woodwork to vote for black Republican candidates. Dr. Alan Keyes would have received the majority black vote during his Republican primary presidential runs. Blacks did not come out for him at all.

When Pres. Obama was running in the primaries, here in Pennsylvania with our closed primary system, many non voting blacks scrambled to get registered, while those who were Independent changed their registration to Democrat in order to vote for him. Black Republican, Lynn Swann did not receive the black vote when he ran for governor of PA in 2006. Blacks stayed with Democrat, Ed Rendell who won a second term.

I see on the conservative side, that the “blacks are racist because they vote their race” perception is emotionally charged and not thoroughly thought through. At this point in time, the Democrat factor is essential in black voting. I haven’t given up on blacks in general going beyond the Democratic Party. I got passed the Democratic Party, and I know there are others out there like me.

14 thoughts on “The Blacks Voting Race Misconception

  1. . By and large Republicans had ignored blacks and sometimes handpicked a few servile leaders in the black community to be their token “niggers”. How would I sound trying to go all out to sell Republicans to black people? They’re not buying. They know better.

  2. But the truth is the quote by Jackie Robinson is still in affect today..The GOP really doesn’t care about the Black communinty and frankly I’m sick of all the lies I hear coming from the GOP..For example..”MLK was a republican”…That’s one of the biggest lies in history..I guess MLK was not “republican enough” when the GOP try to vote down his holiday..And where were the Black republicans and white republicans during the dedication to the MLK memorial…Also Dr King described the GOP accurately…

    Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote in his autobiography:

    “The Republican Party geared its appeal and program to racism, reaction, and extremism.”

    That was his description of the 1964 Republican National Convention. He also referred to the Republican convention as “the frenzied wedding at the Cow Palace of the KKK with the radical right.”

    Another question is since 1950 how many Black republicans are in congress ..??..How many Black GOP governors..??..I’m sorry but that’s not “racial progress”…That’s exactly what MLK and Jackie Robindon was talking about… and do some research on “Faye Anderson”….that story will put more light on the intense GOP racism…

    1. Jack, I do not see that as the truth. I see the Republican Party not being for government taking over as the solution to problems, but many black Democrats do see government as the solution. From what I have read, MLK was a Republican early on and went Independent later. MLK’s father was a Republican active in local matters. Remember in the South before the 60s Voting Rights Act, it was the Democrats that kept blacks from voting. Condoleezza Rice’s father became a Republican in Alabama, because the local Democrats would not allow him to register to vote, even after he passed their Poll test. He went to the Republicans and they registered him. You do know that the KKK was birthed out of the Democratic Party! Democratic Klansman, Hugo Black became a Supreme Court Justice. He was Democratic President, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s nominee. He was instrumental in keeping 1940s lynching legislation from getting passed into law.

      As to your question about Republicans not being at the Memorial, were they invited? The Memorial was pretty much a Democrat, liberal, leftist get-together.

      I disagree with your “Dr. King described the GOP accurately.” That was his personal pronouncement, which in itself does not make it correct. That was during the time the civil rights and voting rights legislation was going through Congress. Quite a few Republicans voted in favor of both while those southern Democrats voted against them. They passed in part due to Republicans in the mid 60s in both Democrat led houses of Congress.

      The lack of racial progress is due in part to blacks not voting for black Republican candidates. As I sighted in the post, blacks did not vote for black Republican gubernatorial candidate, Lynn Swann. There were over 30 black Republican candidates for Congress last year, most lost, because their districts had large black populations. They did not get black votes. The two that did win, Tim Scott and Allen West, ran in overly white districts. Former Representative, J. C. Watts Jr. also represented a district that is overwhelmingly white.

      I just do not stop at the Republican Party for racism intense or other wise. There is plenty in the Democrat Party too! Racism is still prevalent, but it does not have the bite it once had. It is rather on the gummy side. What were you thinking in 2008 during the Obama/Clinton primary/caucus season? Around the time of the West Virginia Primary, residents of that state where going on camera and pledging their vote for Hilary, and boldly stating that they did not want a black president. West Virginia is a closed primary state, so only registered Democrats can vote for Democratic candidates at the primary level. In other states, the Democratic Party pretty much to kept a lid on the Democrats who did not want a black president, but some of it leaked out anyway.

      Well Jack, not knowing whether you are black, white or otherwise, you give evidence to my premise of black+Democrat and not black+black.

      1. Here’s someting I forget to mention..Black democrats and Black people do not expect the government to take care of them..Most Black people work everyday…they pay thier taxes..they aren’t on drugs …they aren’t in jail..Most of them just want to live peacefullly like most other people..So when you stereotype “Black democrats” which is 90% of the Black commuininty you are parroting the same line that white republicans use…And if the government caused certain problems…it is the governmnets job to fix them…That’s personal “responsibility” is it not..?? We have a president that has to deal with a party that does not care about the American people but are more focused on bringing down the president…Now is that racism or just partisianship..??..

        By the way , some repiblican Hispanic groups are leaving the republican party….check it out…and ask why…

      2. You seem like an intelligent women so tell me…What the hell is wrong with Herman Cain…??..Has he lost his mind..??

  3. Tell you what…when the republican party stops acting like racists they will be able to talk to the Black community..Like most Black republicans you are still parroting the same line about the democrats and the KKK…So what is your point..??..Would you like to get a time machine and go back and beat up all those democrats..?? Also remember most of those democrats that are still alive today are republicans ..ala ..David Duke…

    The civil rights act was a regoinal vote ..

    The original House version:
    Southern Democrats: 7–87 (7%–93%)
    Southern Republicans: 0–10 (0%–100%)
    Northern Democrats: 145-9 (94%–6%)
    Northern Republicans: 138-24 (85%–15%)

    The Senate version:
    Southern Democrats: 1–20 (5%–95%)
    Southern Republicans: 0–1 (0%–100%)
    Northern Democrats: 45-1 (98%–2%)
    Northern Republicans: 27-5 (84%–16%)
    As you can see not one republican in the south voting for the bill much like the democrats..Now if you look at the northern states you will see that northern democrats voted for the bill at a higher percentage then republicans..And when you factor in the southern strategy the GOP has become the more racist party..MLK was never a republican..His father was at one time , but MLK Jr. was an independemt because he didn’t have a lot of trust for either party. and his father changed to the democrat party after Nixon ignored MLK jr while he was in jail..When MLK became more involved in the civil rights movement , MLK Jr. voted and campaigned for democrats…This goes to my point about why Black republicans are not respected in the Black communinty..Very rarely do they take their party to task for their racist nonsense..Bush won his 2000 “stolection” on the backs of hundreds of Black people that were denied their right to vote in Florida…And when Lynn Swann defended the Iraq war , 911 , and the 2000 “stolelection” he lost the Black vote…Now if Colin Powell was running for office he would get more respect then any other Black republican today..Why..??..Because of the simple fact that he at least on a few occasions was honest about the racism in the GOP…The Bush administration tried to use Powell as window dressing and they wanted him to agree with all the lies about Iraq..Powell stepped down and the “bed wench” for Bush was put in Powell’s place…And yes..Rice and Bush were having an affair , that is old news so please don;t try yo deny it…Powell also saw the horrible choice of Sarah “the child is not my son” Palin as VP…Can you imagine what the country would be like if those two clowns got in office….???
    Black republicans should have been at the MLK dedication…there is no excuse for them not being there..The fact is deep in their hearts ALL Black republicans know good and well that MLK jr. was not a republican and his account of the GOP was dead on…Just as the account of the GOP by Jackie Robinson was dead on…Why are you making excuses for the racist GOP…???..I’m not making excuses for the racism in the democratic party…It is what it is so why can’t you and other Black republicans be honest about the racism in the GOP…????..The Black will listen to you id you’re honest..Tell them that you really think Rush Limpballs is a racist and unlike Micheal Steele DON’T APOLOGIZE TO RUSH LATER….Black people will listen if they know you’re on their side ..but when they see the racists acts by the republican congress , foxnews , and the tea party while black republicans are ignoring or defending these people , it’s insane to think they will vote for republicans…

    By the way ..did you check out Faye Anderson..??
    Also why did the Reagan administration support Apartheid..???.Now remember..I agree that there is racism in the democratic party..But you can’t compare the incident in West Virginia in 2008 with all of the racist tea party rallies since Obama took office and all of the racist comments by rioght wing talking heads like Beck , Lompballs , Coulter , Hannity , Savage etc….You can’t be honest as a Black person and say that these people are not racists…Please tell me you’re not that blind…

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