Military Voting Controversy

The voting rights of our people serving in the armed forces overseas have been thoroughly trampled upon. They must vote by absentee ballot and it appears their ballots are thrown out more than they are counted in tabulating winners and losers in elections. From watching several reports on cable news programming, this disgrace to our servicemen and women has been corrected by the law known as the Move Act,  passed last year,  but our soldiers are still being disenfranchised in their right to vote. We do not know how many elections would have went the other way, if the overseas votes of those in the armed services had been fully counted in the official vote tabulations.

A few states due to their late primary seasons say they can’t abide by with the dispensing of absentee voter ballots 40 days before an election and have them counted and certified by the times given in this voting law. It now looks like the Department of Justice has been dragging their heals in making sure all the states abide by this new law. Go here for the accusatory letter from Sen. Cornyn to the Department of Justice on their heel dragging  and go here to view a state official  being grilled in the hot seat on this issue. Also, go here to read about what states that have or have not granted their request for a waiver on  military voting overseas.

In thinking back (digressing a little), I voted for the first time in the early 70s when the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 (I was 20), I was in college, so I voted by absentee ballot for mayor of Philadelphia in Bowie, Maryland. It is a good guess that my ballot was not counted, especially since I did not vote for the Democrat favorite, the late controversial Frank Rizzo, although I registered Democrat.

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