In reading links and comments from conservative Republicans on Facebook,  sadly some are disheartening. A shared link about Obamacare will get 95% of the responses calling Pres. Obama personally insulting names and I am not talking about  the “socialist” and “commie” tags. I am talking about calling him derogatory names, such as the one  used for the body’s anal orifice and other insulting  names for his manhood, and then attacking his family. This is so immature. I know that Barack Obama is not the only president to receive personal attacks, but that kind of behavior from supposedly mature adults from any political party leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Pres. Obama  and the Democrat controlled Congress have done much to make the voters upset, but those of us in the major opposing political party should be on point in dealing with the issues, because there is the smell of victory in the November air. The emphasis should be on the economy and market solutions to the jobless rate. I am constantly hearing the claim that conservative Republicans only gripe and bash and have no answers. I remember hearing that about the Democrats when I was on their side during the early years of the George W. presidency. Conservative Republicans should be steadfastly fighting  the “party of no”  label  and should take no pride in being heavy on the presidential personal insults. How about responding to such laws and policies as Obamacare and the latest bailouts with solution information from or from a conservative rising star such as Rep. Paul Ryan?

There is much hoopla about the Republicans being poised to win either or both houses of Congress. I do not think that will happen, but if it does, it will be absolutely wonderful to be wrong. I do think Republicans will win some seats in both congressional houses and that will increase the difficulty of getting government takeover bills like Obamacare passed into law. Conservative Republican blogger J. Thomas Hunter writes about How Republicans can Win. I do not agree with all of Mr. Hunter’s points of controversy that Republicans should stay away from, such as illegal immigration.  According to how you view things,  this may relate or it may not. I am not the greatest fan of James Brown, but I leave you with one of the few songs I like by him. This song came out when I was in high school in late 60s and it has a great message.


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