Back to School With Memories

This family is in preparation for back to school with the pick up of school supplies. Some public school seasons have already started. Some students have already experienced long homework evenings and first test grades. In looking back on my own school years, I never experienced homework and test grades in August until my college years. Where I now live, public school students can wear a wide range of clothing styles to school. My former home city of Philly instituted uniforms for public school students some years ago, but the uniform policy is not enforced entirely throughout the school system.

From first grade through 5 months of my senior year in high school, the dress code in Philly public schools did not permit females wearing slacks of any nature to school. It was from February to June graduation that I was allowed to wear slacks that had to be of a dress style. Jeans were still prohibited. Of course during the severe colder days of winter during my school years, females wore slacks under their dresses and skirts, but took them off in the girls’s room upon entering the school building. My legs would have froze off walking to school without the slacks. At least the Philly school uniforms include slacks for females!

I find it interesting of what some school systems are requiring parents to supply their children with for school this year. Some of these school budgets are in a hot mess.


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