It is More About Incumbency

Bob Gorrell Cartoon

It is somewhat about congressional Democrats, but do you not think it is more about congressional incumbents worrying about their jobs? Here in my state of Pennsylvania, the primary voters gave the heave-ho to senior Senator, Republican, recently returned Democrat, Sen. Arlen Specter.  During my Democrat years, he was the one Republican who always received my vote. If he had remained Republican, I would not have voted for him in the primary. But if he had won, I would have voted for him against the Democrat challenger which we all know now is Joe Sestak.

Other incumbents are getting the heave-ho at the primary level. Rep. Caroline Cheeks Kilpatrick of Michigan’s 13th District got it a few days ago. And then, remember Utah primary voters retired Republican incumbent, Sen. Bob Bennett back in the spring. I just hope we do not get too carried away with dumping incumbents and voting for the likes of Democrat, Alvin Greene into either House of Congress. On the Republican side, there is Basil Marceaux who just lost his bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Tennessee. He actually received positive promotions from Hot Air and Red State. I do not want Mr./Ms. Average  or Mr./Ms. Below Average representing me in Congress.  At least replace the incumbents with smart people. Yes, the Democrats do have something to worry about concerning  re-election, but I think they and the Republicans share the bigger incumbency worry.


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