In Philly for the Uni-TEA

Last Saturday was fabulous. The weather was fantastic. The day was sunny with a temperature high in the early 80s minus the humidity. It was a perfect day for a TEA party.  I headed down to my hometown of Philly from Lansdale, PA on the commuter train to attend the Uni-TEA rally. It was a blast.  I had a wonderful time meeting Facebook friends in the flesh.  Unfortunately, I forgot the camera. I hung out with FB friend Portia throughout the event.

Family members were not too crazy about me going to the Uni-TEA.  One was rather upset and thought I was putting myself in a dangerous situation. There could be rioting and/or I could get shot! I knew nothing like that would happen, even in Philly.  The Uni-TEA was a response in part to the NAACP’s resolution condemning racism in the TEA Party.  It did not garner the desired large diverse crowd, but it was a start. Large TEA Parties in liberally dense and largely black populated Philly would be kind of miracle anyway.

David Webb was the emcee of the Uni-TEA. The speakers were, Deneen Borelli, Pastor Bill Devlin (a non conservative), Andre Harper, Alan Nathan (a non conservative), Leette Eaton White, Vanessa Jean Louis, Janks Morton, Bill Glynn, Rosa Perez Leonetti, Niger Innis, Andrew Breitbart and Charles Payne. A wide range of music and rap was provided by Ava Aston, Hi-Caliber, Jericho Saliz and others. The journalist and author Rita Cosby was there at the “After Party.” I was able to talk briefly to most of the speakers at the rally. I could not get near to Andrew Breitbart, because he was surrounded by people and media persons. I wanted to let him know he had my support after I personally went back and forth on the Shirley Sherrod incident. I eventually told him through Facebook. Click on the photo images

All the speakers were on point about the TEA party which stands for Taxed Enough Already. They spoke out against the TEAs not being racist enclaves. It is all about calling this government into accountability for its outrageous policies of spending as the national debt continues to go through the roof. To hear 4 of the speeches given, just click on the photo images below.


Andrew Breitbart


Vanessa Jean Louis


Deneen Borelli


Charles Payne

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