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Sharing a Personal Memory

I was graduating from then Bowie State College. Today it is Bowie State University in Bowie, Md in the spring of 1973. My parents made the two-hour and fifteen minutes drive from Philly with my two younger siblings and my maternal grandmother. Ah, my grandmother who never made it past the 5th grade would not miss any of her grandchildren’s school and college graduations.

I took the photo below at the graduates’ reception. It was an exciting and emotional time. The next day I would be graduating, going back home to Philadelphia, PA and leaving good friends from different areas of Maryland and Washington, D.C.. In the photo you see the then Bowie State College President, Dr. Samuel L. Myers and his wife. Now look at the man standing on the right. He was the commencement speaker at my graduation. He is Martin Luther King Sr. also known as Daddy King.

MLK sr_CollPres_wife

Another Heartening Military Parent/Child Reunion

This should melt the heart of the most grumpy among us. I just love these type of reunions. They always bring out my joy tears. Lt. Col. Cotina Jenkins-Sellers who came home after serving in Kuwait for 8 months, surprises her 13 year old son, Derrick Jenkins.  I thank her for her service. God bless this family.

BTW, my christian blog is finally up and running. Most times, my posts will be on some or all of the following days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. If any post appear on days not mentioned, it will most likely be a music post. One can find the Sunday music that use to be on this blog at my new blog, Biblical Transformer.

Not Aborted

Abortion which I once supported is what it is and that is the murder of innocent life. I love to hear and read about people who should not be living in this world due to abortion. Molly Anne Dutton’s life came into being under the worst circumstances. She is a product of rape and is thankful her birth mother chose life over abortion, even though the husband’s ultimatum was abortion or divorce.

Molly Anne Dutton never forgot what her birth mother did for her who worked with a Christian adoption group called Lifeline Children’s Services while pregnant from rape. A married couple who served on Lifeline’s  board, took steps right away to adopt Ms. Dutton at birth. She is the youngest in a family which includes other adoptive children.

 Today Ms. Dutton is horticultural major at Auburn University where she ran on the platform of adoption advocacy and won the Homecoming Queen title.  Molly Anne Dutton says that she “was given grace to carry that story,” as her “story is a voice for the voiceless.”

Tragic Lost of Firefighters

FBMeme_in memory_ArFF

I am praying for all the Firefighters’ Precious Family and Friends ♥

Graduation Celebration in My Household

2013 High schl_grad Alexa

Congratulations to my twin nieces who graduated high school Wednesday, June 19, 2013. It was a gorgeous non humid bright sunny day for the outside graduation ceremony. There were close to 1000 graduating. The class leaders announced each graduate’s name as they received their diploma. Even with the speeches, the ceremony was not dull or drawn out. It was absolutely beautiful.

I have been a 2nd mom to my twin nieces, as we have always lived in the same household. Time has truly flown by. It does not seem that long ago that the were born 2 months premature. They are such a joy! God bless them both as they continue their academic career in meeting the challenges of college.

2013 High schl_grad Ana